Under the influencer? How businesses can take on Instagram’s algorithm and win

Instagram main accountPosting on Instagram used to be as simple as taking a heavily filtered photograph and pressing ‘share’; but with the introduction of Insta-algorithms, there is so much more to consider if businesses want to be ‘liked’.  Updates are now ranked on a set of relevancy criteria that all determine where on a newsfeed you might place, regardless of chronology. So, how can you make sure your business posts are always seen, despite all the avocado toast flat lays, product-peddling influencers and Glasto OOTD’s? — that’s ‘Outfit of the Day’ for anyone who isn’t addicted to social media. 
Stone Junction’s marketing executive, Tasha Bodger, explains how businesses can solve the Insta-algorithm in four easy steps.

How insightful
It might seem simple, but the most obvious piece of advice is to post when your followers are most active. With consistent engagement being one of the biggest factors in influencing the algorithm, the more users that view your posts, the more potential likes and comments you’ll receive. By using Insights, Instagram’s analytics programme, you’ll be able to spot trends in your audience’s online activity and post at a time that suits them. As long as your followers ‘like’ what they see — quite literally — your posts will constantly rank high on their newsfeed.

Rules of engagement
Instagram has introduced countless features to encourage engagement between you and your followers; such as polls, IGTV, stories etc. Considering 200 million users a day visit a business profile, it’s little wonder your business/customer relationship plays such a major role in beating the algorithm. So, with all that being said, how can you convince Instagram of the connection between you and your audience?

Simply use the tools Instagram have designed for you — they’re free after all! Post daily stories, start opinion polls, reply to post comments or go ‘live’ on your profile. All of these tactics ensure the algorithm knows that people love your content and want to see more of it. 

Get the picture?
According to Adweek magazine, picture quality is one of the easiest ways to influence the algorithm. Regardless of how often your business uploads, if your photographs aren’t easy on the eye, you might find you’re at the bottom of the feed chain. Make sure your photos are well lit, in focus and of a high resolution, and you’re almost guaranteed great Instagram exposure.

Don’t be scared to #Instafail
Some posts, regardless of how much algorithm appeasement you do, simply don’t perform as well as others. However, Instagram frequently updates the ways in which their algorithms filter posts, so a lack of likes may be an Insta-hint that the algorithm has changed. Keep this in mind, to stay one step ahead of the Instagram bots.

If the algorithms are getting you down, you could always outsource your social media strategy to an award-winning agency like Stone Junction. Give us a call on 017850 225 416 or email natasha@stonejunction.co.uk to find out more.

Lorna Wilde

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