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Reducing the use of plastic, capping carbon emissions and eliminating food waste. Initiatives to preserve the natural environment are gaining strength and fast becoming a mainstream consideration in everything we do. Are you doing something amazing to save the world? Then get your content PR in the right place. Here, Kirsty McMahon, new client strategist explains where this should be. 

Programmes and legislation intended to protect the earth have become higher on the agenda because people have collectively raised their voices and made it happen. If you’re part of the solution to the pollution problem, you need to align your voice with others making positive changes. Here are three publications to share your PR content with.

Carbon Pulse
This website looks at the impact carbon reduction initiatives across the globe, with a particular focus on climate policy and greenhouse gases. The publication is run by a trio of passionate directors and co-founders — Ben Garside, Stian Reklev and Mike Szabo. It’s full of useful information to inform your own environmental strategy and is well-respected.

Plus, with a domain authority of 38 it’s a handy place to get a backlink from to boost your SEO effort.

Envirotec is published both in print and online and covers all aspects of water and waste water treatment, atmospheric emissions, waste handling and disposal, recycling, energy and more. It is aimed at putting people with waste and pollution problems into contact with people with a solution, so it’s the ideal place to showcase your new technology.

Editor Paul Marsh is always on the look out for interesting solutions, case studies and stories and is very approachable. The website’s domain authority is a healthy 32, so also another fab backlink opportunity.

Materials Recycling
Corin Williams is acting editor of this publication and it is the online portal to be featured on if you have any stories or new technology that can help improve the recycling of materials such as scrap metals, glass, plastics, paper and textiles. With a domain authority of 46 backlinks here are trade media backlink gold.

These are just three of the wide range of environment publications that share the top news and application stories from businesses from all sectors of industry. Naturally, it can be challenging to find the time to call journalists and place content, so give me a call on 01785 225416 or email to see how we could help.

Kirsty McMahon

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