The PR beginner’s bookshelf

When starting in a new field, hitting the ground running relies on a little personal preparation. One place many new starters can put their best foot forward is in reading relevant books or blogs that give the right launchpad for success. Alex Patterson, one of Stone Junction’s newest account executives, explains his first steps into the world of public relations and brand journalism literature.

Brand PR; Content PR; Technical PRA well-stocked bookshelf is an asset at any level. When starting a new career, the importance of your first few books becomes enormously inflated — the first book you read about a new subject becomes the foundation you build all your future knowledge on. If it’s misleading or contains poor advice, it might put a dent in your understanding that can last for far too long.

The first thing I did when starting out my PR bookshelf was to ask my new colleagues what they’d recommend. More than one colleague suggested The PR Masterclass by Alex Singleton. This excellent little tome is a brisk read, combining Singleton’s array of personal experiences with clear and concise instructions for applying the lessons he has learned to your own work. It’s a book to make a novice feel truly excited about the scope of the field, while simultaneously demystifying it.

My second source sits firmly on a virtual bookcase, rather than a wood-and-nails one — the blog run by past-president of the Chartered Institute of PR, Stephen Waddington. His easy, conversational tone combined with his obvious twin passions for PR and success make for an incredibly motivational reading experience. Of all the blogs I started reading over the last couple of months, this is the one I come back to when I need an energy shot in the afternoon.

These reads are only the start of my PR beginner’s bookshelf. Over the next few months we’ll add some more recommended reads to build a sturdy PR and brand journalism bedrock of ideas, tactics and creativity. No matter your level of experience, it’s always worth brushing up on the basics.

Of course, we already have a bunch of other interesting reads already sitting on our own virtual bookshelf, so why not take a look around the rest of the Stone Junction blog, you might find some more pearls of wisdom.


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