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The Golden Globes passed me by this year. I’d completely forgotten about them until I saw post-event coverage focussed almost exclusively on the Fiji water girl — a young lady casually photobombing celebs on the red carpet with a tray of branded water. Here, Kirsty McMahon, content PR campaign specialist at Stone Junction explains what you can learn from this “subtle” product placement. 

Product placement is easy to achieve if you have an attractive consumer product to display on a tray and parade along a fancy event’s red carpet. However, if your products are motors, adhesives, industrial cleaning fluids, industrial computers, programmable logic controllers (PLC) or any kind of software, it’s not that easy.

What you can learn from the Fiji water girl is not to be afraid of flaunting what you’ve got.

Clever product placement
The key to showing off industrial components is the positioning. You need to find the equivalents of the Golden Globes red carpet for your sector. For example, what events or conferences are a must in your industry? Can you arrange to deliver a presentation?

A more consistent tactic is to consider placement when building your content PR strategy. Creating a campaign of compelling articles, infographics and technical white papers is only going to be effective if you plan for where they need to appear to reach your audience.

Your products and industry knowledge must be showcased alongside leaders in your sector, so you must target the appropriate trade publications and websites. For example, most trade associations have a content area on their sites and many even have a magazine. Why don’t you get in touch with the editorial team to commission an article?

Fiji will benefit from its water being associated with glamourous celebrities because people will take that as an endorsement of quality. You can achieve that same endorsement by positioning your content PR campaign and brand in the right place for your business. That may not be as exciting as crashing the Golden Globes with a tray of motors, but it will be effective.

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Kirsty McMahon

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