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With Apple’s ‘Screen Time’ feature allowing you to track how long you spend on apps and social media, it can be alarming to see just how long we spend online. However, getting savvy with social media for B2B marketing can generate impressive results. Here Molly Gould, account executive and social media maven at Stone Junction explains three considerations to get started with B2B social media.  

Social media is a huge tool at your disposal. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 83 per cent of B2B marketers say that social media is the tactic that their organisations use the most, particularly for brand awareness and vendor selection. But how do you get started?

Finding people
The first step is knowing exactly who you want to speak to on social media. ‘Everyone who is interested in my business’, is not enough in a world of over three billion active online users.
Instead, the customer and their journey must be considered; who are they, how do they spend their day, at what time do they consume media and which platforms are important to them and their business?
By mapping out this journey, you begin to build a profile for your target audience, which helps to form the basis of your social media plan.

Getting vocal
With B2B marketing it can be tricky to find an angle that sparks interest — and finding your company’s voice can be just as difficult. Striking a balance between a professional and a more natural brand voice will make your company more relatable and reliable. However, regardless of the tone, consistency is key to building a strong and relevant following.
It’s great if you offer a service that is exciting and innovative, but if your line of work is something that verges more towards the norm, you need to develop a way of communicating your message in an engaging way that also creates a point of interest for the audience.

Staying social
Activity levels are key. You’ve been posting really cool content, your potential customers are loving it, and then you drop off the face of the earth (or, Twitter) for a month and it all goes to pot.
Low activity levels can kill brands on social media before they have even had chance to thrive. Maintaining a strong social profile gives customers confidence in your brand and business, not to mention making it quicker to build new relationships and engage with clients when they see regular and consistent content.

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