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SEO-Data Analysis-Google AnalyticsWe’ve all been there. You begin watching a short video on YouTube and then find yourself, four hours later, having fallen down the YouTube black hole, engrossed in a video about the world’s craziest conspiracy theories. However, when you come across an SEO insight channel like LovesData, you’ll find yourself coming back for more. 

Jade Ziola-Sammons, senior account executive at Stone Junction

The LovesData channel is a hidden gem on YouTube and is one of our favourites. With just over 10,000 subscribers and fronted by Google Analytics and online marketing expert, Benjamin Mangold, the channel uploads short and snappy vids covering topics like Google Tag Manager, SEO, AdWords and even a series of interviews with Google’s top executives.

It is a great source of information to learn more about the world of marketing data and what this data can do for your business. Here’s our top pick of the vids.

Adwords Mistakes
This six-minute video examines the nine biggest mistakes you can make when putting together an AdWords campaign. From being too shy to use negative keywords, to making sure the landing page experience of users matches what they are looking for, there are some fantastic tips that can impact the performance of your account. Take a look here: LovesData Adwords Mistakes.

Google Analytics Goals Set Up
As one of the longer LovesData videos on the channel, this one is worth watching. Walking through the four most common types of website conversions and how you can classify goals value and customer destination, this video is a great starting point to setting up goals on your GA dashboard. Watch it here: LovesData Google Analytics Goals Set Up.

Set Up guide
If the intricacies of Google Analytics sound like gobbledegook to you, this video could be a great place to start. Benjamin goes through the basics of installing a Google Analytics code to your site, how to navigate the reports and how to actually begin to interpret the data. Put your feet up and watch the seven-minute vid here: LovesData Google Analytics Set Up.

Don’t forget though, the team at Stone Junction have all had Google Analytics training and are working their way through a range of digital tool certificates to support our clients’ Google Analytics efforts.

While watching another mind-blowing conspiracy theory video might provide you with a great dinner party conversation starter, it won’t help you analyse your business’ website data and results.

We know which one is more impressive and useful.

If you want to find out more about what Google Analytics can do and how you can use it to track the results of your marketing and PR campaigns, get in touch with the Stone Junction team on +44(0)1785 225416 or email sayhello@stonejunction.co.uk.

Jade Ziola-Sammons

Stone Junction is a cool technical PR agency based in Stafford. We work for all sorts of businesses, with a particular focus on technology, technical and engineering companies. We like being sent cake and biscuits by clients, journalists and prospects.

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