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We recently reported on some of the best engineering blogs to keep you in the loop on industry news. Since then, we have got a few more additions to add to this list. Staying in the know of industry news is important for your business. Not only does it allow you to identify the competitive differentiators in your sector, it also allows you to benchmark your business against others.                 

By Carla Mateus, senior account executive at Stone Junction.

 So, where should you begin your journey of exploration into the topics and trends of engineering?

Engineering Pro
Fircroft, an industrial workforce planning organisation, launched Engineering Pro back in 2011 — it’s been packed full of insightful content ever since. Whether you’re in the automotive, oil and gas or petrochemical sector, there’s something for you. Check out this recent article on whether nanotechnology is the future of the oil industry. Interesting stuff!

Institution of Mechanical Engineers
It makes sense for a trade body with over 120,000 members, the IMECHE, to have a bustling blog full of real-world advice. You may also be familiar with Professional Engineering magazine, it’s associated print publication. Even if you’re not a member, you can still delve into to reams of content on this site. It tackles some of today’s biggest challenges facing mechanical engineers, such as budget, time and customer expectations.
Across the pond? is a US-based resource providing a hub of engineering knowledge from experts. The publication recently restructured, bringing together news on food manufacturing, plant operations and business technology, all in one place. Check out this recent article from one of our clients on handling fluctuation materials costs.

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Carla Mateus

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