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Lately on our blog, we’ve been sharing some of the best engineering blogs to help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technology in the industry. You may have seen Carla's post last week where she discussed three engineering blogs - Engineering Pro, Institute of Mechanical Engineers and We’re back again this week with some more of our favourite engineering blogs.  

By Courtney Cowperthwaite, account executive at Stone Junction.
A blog post about blog posts - blog-ception?

Save it as a bookmark, pin it to your taskbar, turn it into an A5 poster for your office wall…however you choose to do so, make a note of this instalment in our engineering blog series to stay in the know of the latest industry issues.

LinkedIn Engineering Blog
Turns out LinkedIn isn’t only great for connecting with like-minded professionals. As the number one platform for professionals of all walks of life, LinkedIn has some valuable resources for engineers. The LinkedIn engineering blog has a lot of information on the technologies it uses and gives a great insight into how it maintains the number one professional network status.

Curious Cat Science and Engineering Blog
The Science and Engineering Blog is one of several blogs operated by Curious Cat, which maintain blogs on a variety of different topics, including management, investment and economics. Its science and engineering blog offers posts covering a range of topics, from sustainable ocean farming to medicinal plants, all of which are neatly organised in searchable categories. Don’t fancy the read? Many of the blog posts also feature video content, like this article on how one teenager’s idea became an innovation for electrical engineering.

The Engineer
With topics including electronics, automation, rail and robotics, The Engineer features posts that will peak the interest of anyone and everyone in the industry. Not only are posts broken down into relevant sectors, but the blog also talks about engineering skills and careers.

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Courtney Cowperthwaite

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