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In May 2005, Jawed Karim posted a 19 second video of his day at San Diego zoo to a beta version of an online platform now known as YouTube. Fast forward 13 years and YouTube has over 1.8 billion monthly users watching hours of content at the click of a button. Here, I discuss some sciency YouTube channels you may find interesting. 

By Alison Gardner, account executive at Stone Junction. 

YouTube is a great platform for learning something new, sharing ideas, or just watching something that will make you laugh. With so much content on the site, it can be difficult to quickly find the best of the bunch. So, here are just a few of the channels that we think you’ll find informative, entertaining or just downright hilarious.

Stay informed

The trade website is a fantastic resource to keep up to date with the latest engineering news and trends. Similarly, its YouTube channel hosts a variety of engaging videos, such as interviews with industry professionals, weekly news updates and interesting technologies that you should be aware of. 

In this video, the presenters review some news stories that the publication covered on the website, including artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare, robotic skin and solar cell efficiency. This channel is great for a quick catch up on the latest engineering news when you are on the go.

Get creative

Kids Invent Stuff is an entertaining YouTube channel, which gives the opportunity to engage with real engineering projects. Every month, children submit their designs of a machine to solve a challenge. The engineers that run the channel pick the most creative inventions each month, build them and test them on camera. 

They build everything from a jam firing rocket to a sneeze activated flamethrower helmet. While this channel may not be the most informative, it is a fun way to see how young people can engage with engineering.

Something silly

Swedish inventor Simone Giertz started her YouTube channel to show the funny side of robotics. She creates robots that could be useful, but the results are often unexpected and hilarious.  

In one of her most popular videos she created a machine to help her wake up in the morning. Subscribe to Simone to watch some robots in action and have a laugh at the same time. 

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Alison Gardner

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