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Poor layout, bad spelling and grammatical errors are three CV mistakes that can deny a job-hunter their dream career. Just as a candidate’s CV provides vital information on their skills and experiences, a media pack can ensure your launch, product or service gets the coverage it deserves. You should attempt to make an impact and grab the attention of the journalist immediately by being creative.

By Carla Stanton, graphic designer at Stone Junction.

When launching a new product, you can be creative with the way you tell the media about it. 

The most important thing to send to the media is the press release announcing the launch. However, this does not always have to appear in the form of a Word document. You could load your press release onto a USB, use an app or use Augmented Reality (AR). You could also send them a product sample for them to try. With a little creativity you can get your key messaging across in a memorable way.

For example, when we launched the Book of Obsolescence Management for our client EU Automation, we sent out a printed letter announcing the launch alongside a floppy disk containing the press release. This proved a great way of engaging journalists and building a buzz around the launch. Offering the journalists a floppy disk also tied in closely with the theme of the book – journalists were unable to read the obsolete device. 

Once you have engaged the journalist, you can follow up with an e-mail or call to arrange an interview about the launch or to invite them to an event. When launching the Book of Obsolescence Management, we followed up by sending the press release as a word document – a much more readable format than a floppy disk. If all goes to plan, you should receive widespread coverage for your press release, as well as commissions and interviews with the media. 

You wouldn’t want to miss out on your dream job by making mistakes on your CV.  Similarly, you don’t want to miss out on top tier media coverage of your new product.  If you need a hand with technical PR before your next big product launch, contact us on 01785 225 416 or e-mail


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