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Why is a raven like a writing desk? The Alice in Wonderland riddle, which perplexed so many fans after the books release that Lewis Carroll was forced to invent a response. Google Analytics also has a riddle for its users — why isn’t my social traffic social? However, the answer to this one it quite simple.

By Kirsty McMahon, junior account manager at Stone Junction and proverbial white rabbit

A trip into the rabbit hole that is Google Analytics can make your head swim. There are lots of things you can use Analytics to track, and it is a very useful tool to help target PR campaigns, boost sales and demonstrate marketing return on investment.

However, after the initial set up, knowing what it all means is confusing. The one thing that seems simple is the channel groupings that show where traffic to your website is coming from. Well, it should be… except for that riddle…

Social traffic isn’t actually an accurate representation of how many people reach your site by clicking a link in a social media post. This is because most people scroll through social media feeds on their smart phone or tablet and Google Analytics classifies any traffic from an app as direct traffic.

If you really want to know exactly what results your tactics and campaigns are generating, you need urchin tracking links. But, you’ll have to wait until my next blog to find out about those. Or, you could call me on +44 (0)1785 225416 or email and ask.

Oh, and why is a raven like a writing desk? According to Carroll it’s "because it can produce a few notes, tho they are very flat; and it is nevar put with the wrong end in front!"
I think I’d like a pint of whatever he was drinking…

Kirsty McMahon

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