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If you’ve dabbled in search engine optimisation (SEO), you already know that optimising your website for certain keywords can impact your website’s visibility in search engines. But, what phrases should you be optimising for?

Laura England, senior account executive, Stone Junction.

Often, businesses make the mistake of optimising for their company name. But realistically, anyone that is searching for your exact name is already a potential customer. The goal of SEO isn’t to attract those that are searching you, but to grab the attention of those browsing for a product or service you offer.

In Stone Junction’s case, we shouldn’t be optimising for ‘Stone Junction PR agency’, for example. Let’s face it, if someone types this into Google, they know exactly what they are after. Instead, we should consider phrases they are likely to search for if they are searching for our services, think technical PR, digital marketing, PR for engineering companies and that sort of thing.

But, how can you know what your customers are likely to search for? Thankfully, we know a handy little tool that can take away the guesswork.

Using a free account on digital tool, Moz, you can input a range of different keywords for your website and track how effectively each phrase is optimised for. Using the tool’s tracked keyword overview, you can then rank these keywords according to their monthly search volume — this determines how many times the phrase is searched for in Google each month.

Unsurprisingly, we’re ranked first for Stone Junction. However, your business name is unlikely to generate anywhere near as high of a search volume as the products or services you offer. Technology PR and Energy PR for instance, are both searched for almost five times as often, providing a much more valuable opportunity for us to optimise for these phrases.

SEO doesn’t have to be complicated. Stone Junction can provide a technical SEO audit of your website to identify if you are optimised for the correct keywords and phrases. For more information, speak to the team on 01785 225416 or e-mail


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