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Peter Drucker is commonly known as the inventor of modern business management, who famously said, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” With that in mind, how can we measure the value of PR?

By Jessica Phillips, junior account manager


You can gauge the success of a PR campaign by measuring the amount of press clippings that are generated. However, it’s important not just to base success on quantity. You should also use Search Metrics to find the search visibility of the websites that are featuring your content. For example, if a trade publication has a search visibility of over 100 and a domain authority of over 70, you can consider it a gold standard publication.


For social media and e-mail marketing campaigns, it’s important to know that you’re generating traffic to your website. When measuring traffic sources, Google Analytics currently counts click throughs from social media apps as direct visits, rather than ones from social media. This also counts for e-mails read on mobile devices too. In 2017, a report by Return Path suggested that 55 per cent of business e-mails are read on mobile phones, so you could be missing a huge chunk of your click-throughs.

To fix this issue, use Google’s Campaign URL Builder to add campaign parameters. You can then track custom campaigns in Google Analytics.

Website traffic

Did you know that you can set up different views in Google Analytics to compare different sets of data? The standard data set will include traffic from bots and from employees visiting the website from the same IP address. The first thing you should do when you gain access to a Google Analytics account is set up a new data view that excludes these to give a more accurate representation of your web traffic and your visitors’ behaviour.

At Stone Junction, we are always looking for ways to further improve our ongoing PR campaigns, which is why we provide all our clients with tailored monthly measurement reports and regular campaign updates. For more information, get in touch on 01785 225416 or e-mail


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