How to make yourself sound stupid

Sesquipedalian: someone who overuses big words, when there’s no real need.

If someone gives a sesquipedalian speech, they are probably using technical phrases to over-complicate what they are saying. Perhaps it’s to sound more intelligent or, depending on their profession and industry, it could just be the terminology they are used to. However, when you are trying to communicate an idea, it’s best to do it in plain old English.

Laura England, senior account executive, Stone Junction.

As a technology and engineering PR agency, we specialise in communicating technical knowledge for our clients — some of which include robotics manufacturers, industrial software developers and scientific research organisations.

When communicating in these technical fields, it is important to strike a balance between layman’s terms and complex jargon. Put simply, you need to write with the reader in mind.

Let’s say you’re launching a new product; a highly-innovative piece of industrial robotics equipment providing automated solutions to enhance and improve palletising speed and efficiency. Doesn’t mean much, does it?

These descriptive adjectives and adverbs are usually used to make something sound more precise or expressive. However, if these words fail to give the reader extra information, there’s no reason for them to be there. Instead, you should opt for short, concise sentences that a customer can understand. In this case, it could simply be; an automated palletising robot.

It is not poetic, but it is clear.

Engineering and technology organisations could argue that their audience will understand complex terminology. That might be true, but it is certainly not what compels them to buy. Even for highly-technical products, keep it simple and let the datasheets do the talking.

So, if you are looking for assistance in creating interesting and compelling content to drive sales and lead opinion in your niche industry sector, speak to Stone Junction.

I’m kidding. For technical PR, you know where we are.


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