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Hairdressers get their hair done at their own salons, car salesmen drive their dealer’s cars and Tesco gives surplus food to its staff. It’s common sense that businesses should benefit from their own services. That’s why, as well as generating amazing media coverage for our clients, we like to get Stone Junction some ink. 

By Ellie Clifford, account executive

Stone Junction has been in the media over 30 times in 2018 so far. We’re especially proud of our national media coverage.

In January, you may have seen us in The Times, in an article that advocates performance-driven salaries. Our managing director Richard Stone, shares his opinion that, “equality is where talented people are paid differently according to their successes.”  The team at Stone Junction can trigger our own pay rises by passing SMART objectives. Because we put our money where our mouth is.

Richard also featured in The Metro in an article titled, “Will male sexbots make men obsolete? We ask the experts”. He commented, “Personally, I would hope menbots don’t make men obsolete, but I can’t see why they wouldn’t. After all, a manbot is less likely to get up in the middle of the night and send aggressive tweets to North Korea or download porn on Westminster computers.”

On a more serious note, he added that the introduction of robotics and artificial intelligence into an application always results in an increased requirement for productivity, so menbots might increase the need for men.

If you’re recruiting and wondering how to make sure you hire the right person, read Richard’s story on Forbes. He explains, “When interviewing we assess people’s skills in the areas where mine are lacking and use that as part of the decision metric.”

This approach has allowed Richard to produce a team of Stone Junctioneers that possesses a vast range of skills including PR expertise, science and technology knowledge and foreign languages. Our multitude of skills enables us to service each of our clients according to their specific requirements.

Being a technical PR agency, we also strive to achieve coverage in the technology sector’s trade media. Our senior content executive Zafar Jamati, wrote a fantastic article that was published online on Eureka and Components in Electronics. In this piece, Zafar explains how the phrase Industry 4.0 has been used so much that it has become a cliché and that, “saying something unique is much more powerful than simply using the latest and greatest cliché.”

Our PR expertise gains Stone Junction some amazing coverage — it will do the same for your company. Pick up the phone and call +44 (0)1785 225 416 to discuss how we can help you to achieve your marketing objectives. Alternatively, e-mail me at .

Ellie Clifford

Stone Junction is a cool technical PR agency based in Stafford. We work for all sorts of businesses, with a particular focus on technology, technical and engineering companies. We like being sent cake and biscuits by clients, journalists and prospects.

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