Knowing your hashtag from your handle

Social media training makes Stone Junction experts in managing your social campaignYou wouldn’t trust a dentist that didn’t know their canines from their cavities, so why would you use a PR and social media agency that didn’t know the difference between a hashtag and a handle?

Jade Sammons, senior account executive at Stone Junction

There’s a difference between understanding how to use social media personally and successfully implementing it into a PR campaign. Stone Junction is committed to the future of the services it provides — and that includes keeping up with the latest social media marketing tactics, through the Twitter Flight School, Facebook Blueprint or Google Digital Garage training schemes.

But, what are they and what do they mean?

Facebook Blue Print
The Facebook Blueprint course is a series of web-based modules that cover a wide range of Facebook-related topics like managing a business page, advertising and generating traffic. Plus, there are e-commerce specific modules that focus on using Facebook for increasing online sales — and an entire section to learn about Facebook-owned Instagram (have you seen our Instagram page recently?).

We’re notified every month of any new courses available, so are kept up to date with any interesting developments about using Facebook for business. 

Google Digital Garage
The Google Digital Garage certificate helps position us in the digital business world. It covers 26 digital marketing topics, from search adverts and social media to exploring Google Analytics and data. After taking each module, it tests us in what we’ve learned to make sure we’re at the top of our game. 

Everyone who completes the course gets a certificate ¬— we’ll all be sure to stick them to our fridge just beside our 5-metre swimming badge!

Twitter Flight School
We’re also taking the Twitter Flight School programme, which will help us get the best from Twitter ads and branding. As we help some of our clients manage and grow their Twitter profiles, knowing how to design, launch, manage and optimise Twitter campaigns to raise awareness and generate sales is important.

Plus, we’re in great company, recent Twitter Flight School graduates include the marketing team at Nestle.

If Stone Junction works with you to manage your social media channels, there’s no need to worry whether we can decipher Google AdWords and Analytics reports, know the ins and outs of Facebook and Instagram engagement and understand exactly how to be a top trending account on Twitter. 

If you manage your own social media channels, why not take a look to expand your horizon on what is possible? Not only could you look into completing the programmes yourself, but if you’re looking for something a bit more personal, the experts at Stone Junction can provide personalised and face-to-face social media training. 

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Jade Sammons

Stone Junction is a cool technical PR agency based in Stafford. We work for all sorts of businesses, with a particular focus on technology, technical and engineering companies. We like being sent cake and biscuits by clients, journalists and prospects.

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