Preparing for a public holiday

With the Easter weekend looming, many of us are looking forward to a chocolate-filled four-day weekend. But, just before you switch off, remember that a holiday for you doesn’t necessarily mean the same for your customers.

By Alison Gardner, account executive and International PR specialist

We all celebrate public holidays differently. To some people, Easter is a religious holiday to spend with family, to others, it’s all about chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.

Keep your eyes peeled

Though each day has a different meaning, public holidays around the world involve many businesses shutting their doors. Even if you're planning to shut down for a few days, it doesn’t mean you have to disappear from your customers’ view entirely. Public holidays are a great opportunity to interact on social media in a more casual way and with the day off, they may even check it more often.

On the day, you can post themed content, have a mini competition and interact with your followers. The more fun, the better — holidays are not the time for promotional content. Ensuring your messaging is appropriate for the day itself and remaining respectful of the origins of the holiday is essential for your strategy’s success.

Easter might mean chocolate eggs and a lie-in to you, but to others, it is a festival that is very important to their faith. Make sure you adapt your social media activity to align with how your customers celebrate.

Around the world

Countries around the world celebrate and recognise different public holidays.

For example, in the UK we have eight public holidays in the year, whereas India has 18, Japan has 16 and Spain has 14. International businesses should plan their sales and marketing strategies around these days to avoid contacting colleagues or sales prospects on their day off.

So, before you tear open your Easter eggs this weekend, make sure you’re aware of how international public holidays can impact your business.

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Alison Gardner

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