What's a content strategy?

There are plenty of definitions for content marketing and PR, but, ultimately, it boils down to creating and sharing something of value with your customers. PR has always been the engine of content marketing. For us, content PR refers to the suite of tools we use to attract more visitors to our clients’ websites, like blogging, e-mail marketing, social media and photography — just to name a handful.

Content PR is designed to drive more visitors to your website, keep them there when they arrive and then convert them into a paying customer. This is a less forceful approach than direct marketing as it should all be focussed on your customers’ future, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need to do is share your industry knowledge to help them solve a problem.

According to Curata, 78 per cent of marketers are investing in content strategies. As your competitors are more than likely counted in this percentage you can’t risk getting left behind.

However, before writing piles of new content you should examine what you’ve already accumulated. Often, businesses will have a stockpile of information that is simply gathering dust and marketers can miss the potential in recycling this.

Naturally, you can’t regurgitate just anything. Whenever you’re producing content, stop and ask yourself, are my customers really interested in this? If not, scrap it. You should also make sure that you’re not just repeating messages that are already saturating your target market. Always add something new to the discussion.

Content strategies must also be built on a pre-determined SEO strategy.

The purpose of producing meaningful content is to drive traffic back to your website, but you can’t achieve this if Google doesn’t believe the content is relevant. If you’re unsure about where to start with an SEO strategy, you can always ask an expert.

Stone Junction can demystify SEO and help you put your content PR plan into practice. To arrange a free consultation, speak to the team by calling 01785 225416 or e-mail me directly at laura@stonejunction.co.uk.


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