Your four-month GDPR checklist

Are you prepared for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? There’s four months to go until the new rules come into effect. If you’re yet to consider your GDPR strategy, start with these steps.

Laura England, senior account executive, Stone Junction.

Get board level buy in

Are the key decision makers in your organisation aware of the heavy fines associated with failing to comply with GDPR? The answer might surprise you.

Unfortunately, future regulations are often overlooked as just that — a problem for the future. If you control any data in your organisation, or you are concerned about how your company will deal with GDPR compliance, take it to the board.

Buy-in at board level is essential to get the ball rolling. Trust us. Your bosses will thank you later.

Don’t delay the data deluge

Almost everyone has heard of GDPR, but actually complying with the rules is a different story.
With four months to go until the GDPR deadline, it might be tempting to avoid the dreaded data cleanse or delay it for a later day. We wouldn’t recommend it.

Understanding your own data requires an investment of time and resources. However, there is still a reasonable amount of time to assess where the data came from, who has access to it and perhaps most importantly, who in your organisation has time to evaluate and cleanse this data.
Take steps now and minimise the rush.

Consider third-party data

Have you considered the data of any external agencies or companies you work with?

If you employ a PR agency, or any other agency that deals with personal data, you should also be asking if the personal information they handle is GDPR compliant. Breaching the GDPR can cost you a colossal €20M or four per cent of your company’s global turnover — whichever figure is higher.

If you’ve already taken steps to ensure you’re compliant against these new rules, don’t let the mishaps of an external agency put your funds at risk.

If you’re working with us, don’t worry. Our services, like press distribution and e-mail marketing, are already compliant.

If you’re not, but would like to better understand the implications of GDPR to marketing activities, speak to one to the Stone Junction team on +44 (0)1785 225416 or e-mail


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