The business value of LinkedIn

Does your business generate heaps of PR content to position you as a thought leader in the media? As interesting as this content may be, are you making use of all the available platforms to share and promote your brand to potential customers and stakeholders? 

By Sara-Anne Mills-Bricknell, account executive and LinkedIn specialist

Good PR has always been about creating and distributing relevant content. Now, more and more businesses are seeing the value of content PR as a way of positioning themselves as a thought leader in their market.

Often, the content PR process includes reusing content that your business may have already written to gain a greater traction, whether its blog posts in trade magazines or feature articles on a company website. But just as marketers share content with the media to influence readers, businesses can use platforms like LinkedIn to have a similar influence on their connections.

Often, we find that companies use LinkedIn as a way of keeping up to date with their customers, contacts and prospective sales leads, rather than directly influencing them.  

When using LinkedIn, businesses can repurpose their PR content and publish it to their connections to educate and showcase the company’s specialities. Sharing content that directly speaks to the reader and is relevant to their industry will have your all-important prospective connections engaged.

Further to this, you should send your articles directly to your connections, with a personalised message stating why you think they should read the article. This is a good technique for ensuring your content does not go missed and could bridge the link between your company and another, by starting a conversation.

More importantly, any content published should include a call to action. Whether it’s asking your readers to get in touch, or to like, comment or share your post to maximise exposure. 

Once you’ve planned the content you’re going to share from your company and started publishing it, marketers will see their company’s profile strengthening across the platform. This can be measured by evaluating the statistics for each post shared and the number of searches you appear in each week.

Consistency across LinkedIn is also incredibly important. Research from LinkedIn found that sharing 20 posts per month can help a business reach 60 per cent of its unique audience

This can include articles, company insights and general information. So, once you start using LinkedIn, keeping it up-to-date and posting regularly is a core component of a successful LinkedIn campaign. By doing this and repurposing existing content PR, businesses can not only reach their target audience, but also change their audience’s minds.

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