Pushing the award winner’s envelope

How to find award winning opportunities for your business

The first step to any truly successful award entry is deciding on your company objectives and outlining the benefits from an award win. The decisions you make when determining your SMART objectives will help you to choose the type of awards to enter. But once you’ve made these decisions, where do you start looking? 
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By Chelsea Heard, account executive and awards specialist at Stone Junction. 

There are plenty of excellent awards databases available online. However, none are incredibly comprehensive and are likely to miss out little-known niche industry or local media awards. Although databases are a brilliant starting place, by no means should you treat them as an exhaustive list. 

Once you’ve found a range of potential awards, we recommend getting the whole company involved to sort through the suggestions to find the most relevant awards for your business. 

A collaborative effort, perhaps using a shared google document or a good old-fashioned whiteboard, can throw up excellent, unexpected suggestions. An engineer may suggest a new industry-specific award they read about in their industry journal, a HR officer could propose the National Happiness Awards, or you might be surprised at the range of local awards your team put forward. 

Local awards usually include business of the year categories and smaller sector-specific awards often include project or engineer of the year — both are perfect for highlighting your proudest achievements. Although these might not seem as prestigious as the British Engineering Excellence Awards, they could easily fit your awards objectives.

Similarly, if you are aiming to position yourself as a reputable competitor to another company, researching the awards they have recently entered can be a fantastic way to put yourself at the front of customers minds too. 

Once you’ve chosen your awards, drawing up an award calendar with category details, entry criteria and submission deadlines can put you firmly on the path to picking up the gong. 

For more information about awards entries, to pick our brains about suitable awards, or for help building your bespoke awards calendar for 2018 contact me on 01785 225416 or e-mail chelsea@stonejunction.co.uk. 


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