Preparing your 2018 awards calendar

Winning awards isn’t about cracking open champagne or donning black tie. Industry awards are an ideal way to benchmark your achievements against that of your competitors. December is an ideal time to plan your awards calendar for the next twelve months — and if you have one marketing resolution for 2018, being recognised as the best in your industry should be one of them.

Here are our fail-safe steps to managing your awards strategy:

Check what’s out there
Most awards have dedicated websites that explain how to submit an award entry and provide a breakdown of what the judges will look for when shortlisting the nominations.

Set aside some time to research to understand the awards that you actually meet the criteria to enter.

Consider your objectives
Think carefully about your business objectives. Which awards align with your marketing plan and would best demonstrate your business achievements?

For example, your local Chamber of Commerce awards may seem impressive, but if the bulk of your projects have been taken place outside of your local area, focusing on national, but industry specific, awards makes better business sense.

Vitally, don’t forget about timings. If you want to highlight a particular achievement in your award entry, make sure the project is completed and the results are collected before the entry deadline.

Put it into practice
Entering awards is hard work. Decide who would be the best person to complete each entry and assign it to them — this could be the person managing a key project, an internal marketing officer or an external agency that specialises in industry awards. It’s up to you.

Stone Junction and its clients are regularly shortlisted for awards and occasionally, we even win a few. For expert advice on managing award entries for 2018 contact Chelsea Heard on 01785 225416 or e-mail


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