Top five tips on creating the perfect infographic

It was said in ancient Egypt that the god Thoth created writing to make the Egyptians wiser and strengthen the memory. Hieroglyphics combined alphabet letters and sounds with images that visually represented or helped to clarify the meaning; much like infographic do today. However, you don’t want to leave your customers mummified in the dark, confused and uninformed!

By Carla Stanton, graphic designer at Stone Junction.


What is the purpose of your infographic? What is the core message? Is it going to contain data or solve a problem? The content needs to be relevant to your customer, so you should always consider the reader – your target audience.

Keep it simple

An infographic contains bitesize chunks of information, so you need to make sure it’s not too wordy. Simple, focussed information is key - because you want to hold your reader’s attention. It’s essential that your infographic tells a story and evokes emotion from the first time the audience sets eyes on it.

The power of a headline

Grab the attention of your reader from the start. Much like any piece of writing, a killer headline can really make or break your piece and keep your audience reading. Give them something to think about.

Call to action

End with a call to action. If this is missing, go back to the start of the list and ask yourself what the purpose of this infographic is?

Eye-catching design

Design is as important as your words, but only if it makes sense. The use of simple pictures or symbols helps explain and represent the message. The layout should be balanced well between image and text, with obvious sections for each point and plenty of white space – remember, you don’t want it looking like a wall of hieroglyphics.

A maximum of two different fonts should be used, if you don’t want your reader to get distracted. Fonts should also be easy to read; stick to a simple colour theme. It is usually a good idea to use your brand colour palette.

If, like most people, you don’t understand hieroglyphics, but still want to display your information visually, in a way that makes a powerful impact, contact us to help you create a majestic infographic Thoth himself would be proud of.

This is the final awesome blog post from Stone Junction for this year – you won’t be hearing from us again until we are back in the office in January 2018.  We hope you have a great time celebrating this festive season. See you next year!


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