How to choose the right font for your brand

How would it make you feel if Coca Cola used the infamous Comic Sans typeface for their branding? What kind of thoughts would it evoke? Here, Carla Stanton, graphic designer at technical PR agency, Stone Junction, explains the importance of using the right font and provides a free tool that can help you choose one that suits your brand.

Font choice is crucial in building a strong relationship, confidence and trust between customer and brand. A poor font choice can communicate the wrong impression, cheapen your brand and cause confusion to your target audience. Perception is key.

The right choice will visually communicate a positive message with clarity, making the text distinctive and legible. It should be synonymous with your brand and used consistently throughout every piece of external marketing. Font is just as important as, and a key part of, the brand guidelines used to establish consistency across your business.

Typefaces such as Montserrat and Titillium show strength and confidence because they are sleek, clean and easy to read with well balanced characters. Bromello and Amatic are both unique, quirky but fun fonts that bring a sense of style in a sophisticated, joyful way.

Ones to avoid
Comic Sans and Papyrus, can be detrimental to your business and make your brand look dated, unprofessional and naïve. It is ultimately down to aesthetics, but these fonts look informal, dated and inappropriate.

It’s all about psychology and context. Fonts may be subjective, but they are everything. 
Coca Cola has been using the same typeface for over 100 years. Font is fundamental in creating brand consistency, helping you stand out from the crowd and retain advantage over your competitors.

Useful tip
You can check out how different fonts work for your branding using Wordmark; a handy online tool that enables you to view phrases or sentences in each of the different fonts that are stored on your computer. 

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