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Whether you want to share a photo of what you've accomplished before the microwave pings, have experienced the shame of an automatic door not opening for you, or understand the struggle of trying to fit your hand into a tube of Pringles, there is a Facebook group for you.  Despite there being thousands of fun Facebook groups circulating the net, you can also use this tool for more productive means — by connecting with relevant people in your industry. To achieve success, follow these top tips.

By Jessica Phillips

Setting up your group

Before promoting your Facebook group, set out the furniture by adding banners, profile pictures and descriptions. This lets users know exactly what they are joining and what type of content they can expect to find in the group. When providing descriptions focus on how joining is beneficial to members. For example, will they have access to useful hints and tips or will there be an opportunity to interact with other high-flyers in their industry? This is your opportunity to get people excited about the new group.

In addition, you'll need to set and publicise the rules of the group before you invite people to join. Asking people to act professionally and avoid using inappropriate language is a good start. Also, consider whether you want members to post promotional content in the group. If not, then you need to stipulate this.

When joining a Facebook group, users want to be sure they'll get regular and interesting content. Before inviting people to join and promoting the group, share at least ten posts so perspective members can get a taste.

Growing your group

For a group to take off, members need to remain engaged. Consistent content is essential for achieving this, so aim to post daily as a minimum. Also, encourage your members to post. This will allow you eventually to start fewer conversations, because your members will be doing it for you.

You can encourage members to post by building relationships with them. Connect as friends on Facebook and thank them for joining. When you find people posting interesting content, reach out and ask them to share it in the group. This will get the conversation moving much quicker.

What now?

As the group grows, you'll need to bring on more admins to help manage it effectively. When choosing an admin, look for people you know and trust, who use Facebook regularly and can therefore fix problems if needs be.  In seems obvious, but admins need to be computer literate and understand how to delete posts and remove members when required.

To add someone as an admin, go to the members' page of your Facebook group. Search for the person you want to add and click the gear icon. You can use this method to add admins and remove people from the group. Please note that you can't remove an admin that has been an admin longer than you.

 Because the creator is the first admin, they are the only person who can delete a group. To do this, you need to remove all of the members and then yourself.

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