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Brand marketing for breakfast
Companies have long given away free enticing gifts to persuade consumers to buy their products. Breakfast cereals, crisps and even chocolate bars used to contain freebies to attract customers to brands. With the disappearance of free toys in cereal signifying the death of our collective childhoods, we discuss the exponential benefits of giving things away for free.  

By Adam Steele

Every year, McDonald's runs a Monopoly based competition in which it gives away free food tokens. Top prizes include £100,000, brand new cars and perhaps the piece de resistance - free chicken nuggets.

When McDonald's runs the now famous competition, sales are reported to increase by anything from one to six percent. This might not sound like a lot, but the fast food chain reported recently that it sells about 550million Big Macs a year... in the US alone! That gives you some idea of the scale of the sales increase.

However, giving things away for free is not always about a sudden spike in sales. In fact, it should be about building a relationship with potential and existing customers. As consumers, if we think we are getting a good deal we tend to look more favourably on a brand. The potential worth of giving something away for free, might not be instant.

It may be months or even years before a consumer comes back to take another nibble of the bait, but there are ways in which you can definitely leave a mark.

Free knowledge
Just give away what you know for free. Why not?

In 2016, it's very rare that anybody will want to pay for your infographic or white paper, unless they contain algorithms guaranteed to win the lottery. However, if the charge is simply an e-mail address, people will generally give one out without a second thought. Once you have this, you can then send more free marketing content and keep yourself at the forefront on their minds.

Whet the appetite
Instead of nuggets of chicken, start giving away nuggets of wisdom. If the freebies are interesting and useful, it won't take long for people to start asking how much better the paid-for service is.

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