Upcoming trends in PR and marketing

Finally, 2015 is over and we can put an end to the terrifying ordeal that was extra large eyebrows, selfie sticks and above all, the man bun*. Thankfully, 2015 wasn’t such a bad year in the world of PR and marketing, unless you count these advertising fails, of course.

Amongst the flurry of SEO, marketing automation and mobile optimisation, a few trends have emerged in 2015 that are likely to shoot into PR stardom in the next twelve months. Here are our top picks.

By Laura England

Fewer ads, better strategy

In 2015, customers took up arms and shielded themselves with copious layers of ad-blocking armour. The conscious effort to install ad blockers on laptops and browsers combined with our spiralling attention spans has made successful advertising more difficult than ever.

It is no surprise then, that 2015 was also the year that native advertising and content marketing shot to the forefront of many PR and marketing strategies. By offering interesting, informative or thought-proving content, rather than plain adverts, organisations began to implement more complex PR tactics to dodge the ad blockers. There is no doubt that these tactics will continue to grow in 2016.

Improve your writing in 140 characters or less

Clearly, many brands have spent a significant amount of money growing their social media follower base. However, in the age of excessive tweeting, influencing your audiences takes much more than a high follower count. While a large number of followers may help you look influential, it doesn’t necessarily mean these followers are right for your organisation.

By focusing on interesting tweets, interacting with followers and getting involved in relevant conversations, trends and hashtags, you are likely to begin building a valuable follower base organically, rather than using a shady method – such as follower purchasing – to grow your audience.

Ultimately, it is better to have a small, quality network of followers than a large, irrelevant one with little or no interest in what you do.

Be interesting, be useful, be heard

We have all heard that content is king, but thought leading content is even better. Thought leadership is a relatively new trend that describes brands and organisations offering their expertise to stakeholders, competitors and customers through interesting and thought provoking content. Usually free of charge!

Whether this is in the form of informative videos, industry guides or simply providing a platform for industry advice, such as a company blog or news page, many organisations have used this simple tactic to position themselves as industry experts.

By encouraging more views to a company’s website and shining a spotlight on the extensive knowledge an organisation holds, thought leading content allows companies to take centre stage and build a solid reputation within its industry.

As we recover from our holiday hangovers, put the decorations away and go back to the office, it’s worth having another look at your PR and marketing strategy for 2016. If you’re not sure about it, why not give us a call on 01785 224516?

*Sorry if you have a man bun, but please, leave it in 2015.


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