Coming clean

The spare room is overflowing with junk, you are yet to throw out the jeans that no longer fit and the cupboard under the sink is exploding with plastic bags. Let’s face it, after a busy year, things are bound to get a little messy. New Year’s resolutions to organise our lives better may be set with the best of intentions but most of the time, things rarely stay in a pristine state we expected.

By Laura England

For marketers, the New Year is a perfect opportunity to evaluate e-mail marketing efforts, more specifically, the lists you are sending e-mails to. Like the cupboard under the sink, most lists begin with a faultless array of relevant clients - bags for life, if you will.

However, over a year, we tend to collect a few flimsy carriers along the way, not to mention the odd loo roll and washing up liquid that has crept into the pile. Anyway, enough about my household woes.

There are countless ways for organisations to grow e-mail lists and it is almost inevitable that over the course of a year, an e-mail list will have grown in numbers. But has it grown in quality?

If not, it is time for an early spring clean.

Today, we are blessed with a number of digital tools to do the legwork for us. Data validation tools enable marketers to automatically rid lists of unverified addresses. In addition to improving an organisation’s reputation, this verification procedure avoids the blocking of lists when importing data into e-mail distribution software.

While these digital tools are a godsend when it comes to data cleansing, sometimes all it takes is a little common sense.

By taking some time to review the reports of your e-mail marketing activity, it becomes clear which of your recipients are active and which aren’t. Be brutal, remove e-mail contacts, update addresses and if you have time, create sub lists with your active recipients.

From here, you can also evaluate which methods of list growth were the most effective - not by numbers but by quality. Now, your cupboard under the sink and your e-mail lists will be pristine and ordered once again. Maybe next year, we’ll all try to keep it up.

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