Not throwing mud

E-mail marketing is not about throwing mud to see what sticks. 

By Jessica Phillips

The key to successful e-mail marketing and marketing automation is the quality of the content, not the amount of e-mails you send. Because there is a lot of e-mail marketing landing in our in-boxes every day, many people assume it’s a dying art form. But it is actually one of the most effective tactics we can use to generate sales leads.

So, how do you make your e-mails stand out? Here at Stone Junction, we've put together an infographic based on our key tips for good content.

The infographic features a number of e-mail marketing tips and tricks to increase click-throughs, replies and sales. In addition, it includes a five step content checklist that allows marketers to achieve e-mail marketing success. You can see it below, but it can also be downloaded here


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