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Everyone wants to be a part of the social media phenomenon. If you don't, you should seriously reconsider. It's the place to get the latest high profile news in real time, smugly share your holiday snaps with friends who are stuck in the office and most importantly, it is the place to get your business noticed. 

By Jessica Phillips

Professionals who are new to Twitter may experience a panic like no other when hitting the 'tweet' button. Should I really be sharing this? What will my boss think? Have I crossed the line into downright inappropriate? In fact, social media is the one place when your business can show their true colours, so stop worrying and start sharing.

Everyone in the Stone Junction office has access to the company Twitter page and is encouraged to post and share anything interesting that they come across during the day.

As a technical and technology PR agency, we all have a strong interest in these two areas. However, if a member of the team finds an interesting article about an upcoming Doctor Who storyline or a new Marvel release, it is bound to make an appearance on our Twitter page.

One of the main reasons why you should keep it informal is that no one visits your Twitter account for information that they can find on your company website. Twitter is a place to show off your company culture and reveal what is discussed in an average day in the office.

If there's a new film release that you can't get enough of, ask your follower's if they've seen it yet. Maybe there is a hot topic of discussion circulating the office on that day? Your colleagues will have an opinion on it and sharing it could generate communication with relevant contacts.

Finding Twitter trends

Twitter trends using the iPhone Twitter app
Finding hot topics for Twitter is relatively easy. You can log in to Twitter and use the trending hashtags. In a browser, you will see these on the left hand side of the screen, beneath your profile.

In the iPhone app, it's not quite as obvious though. Earlier in 2015, Twitter removed the 'discover' button and replaced it with a trending topics search function.

Now, to find Twitter topics on your iPhone, just click on the magnifying glass search icon. Beneath the search box, you will see a list of topics that are popular on Twitter today.

Good Twitter topics

Of course, there is a line that should be drawn. Be sure to watch your grammar when sharing on social media. You want to appear to be a professional with a personality, so don't adopt the language and style of an unruly teenager. It probably goes without saying, but even if you are laughing out loud courtesy of the latest office in-joke, steer well away from LOL, ROFL or even LMAO.

My last piece of advice is to actually have conversations. People, as opposed to automated Twitter accounts run by 'brands' are much more likely to follow you if you talk to them. It can't all be broadcast, broadcast, broadcast...

Finally, if you want to take inspiration from our weird and wonderful tweeting style, follow us on Twitter. Alternatively, if you're not a fan of the little blue bird we have a Facebook page too.


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