The power of the Elevator Pitch

Do you have an elevator pitch? Do you even know what an elevator pitch is? No shame if you don’t, but if you do, you will probably find it’s already helping your business.

By Richard Stone

The concept of the elevator pitch was developed in Hollywood by writers keen to sell their stories into busy producers and directors. Literally the only time they could get their attention was in an elevator.

Technology PR and elevator pitches
Don't pitch anything in this elevator!
But life isn't really like that any longer - Business 2.0 has much more time for conversation and character is now the most important part of a sale. As a result, I find people are willing to invest the time in getting to know you.

Bu there is still a place for the elevator pitch. I've used them successfully in networking sessions as well as when meeting people informally. The trick with an informal elevator pitch is to ensure that it hits just the right note and sounds like it's come up as part of the conversation. If you sound like you are ‘selling’ in that context, it doesn't work.

And in PR, especially technology PR, the elevator pitch is still essential. Our job is writing and pitching stories in a succinct and compelling way; so the ability to quickly distil a long piece of writing into its most newsworthy parts is essential.

We even use elevator pitches during our interview process - while we are searching for new staff. Our theory is that if you can produce a successful elevator pitch in a stressful situation like an interview, you can definitely do it during a phone call to a journalist.

So what’s your elevator pitch? Make sure it’s authentic and honestly reflects the person and the business that you actually are. Otherwise, the real experience people have of you after getting in touch is less likely to be successful.

If you don’t have one, you probably need a PR consultant. If that’s the case, you know what to do

Richard Stone - Stone Junction

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