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E-mail marketing
Ready for the gym?
If, like me, you could do with visiting the gym more often, you will empathise with a blog post published today by John Hayes, the marketing manager of Vocus. John compares your un-used gym membership to the un-used e-mail marketing subscriptions many companies have.

By Richard Stone

“Have you ever signed up for a gym membership and let your best intentions slip?” asks John. “The fact is you’re not going to get any fitter if your only engagement with the gym is watching your monthly membership fee disappearing from your bank account.

“It’s exactly the same with your marketing software. Too many marketers subscribe to powerful marketing solutions and then don’t put the work in.”

He’s got a valid point. When I open a discussion about e-mail marketing with a prospect, I’m often told that they already do it. But on closer examination, we sometimes find that this means they own a list, and pay a subscription to a company like MailChimp, Vocus or Vertical Response, but never actually send anything.

Many businesses want to ‘get their ducks in a row’ before taking action, which regular readers will know is my pet hate. The fact is, the all-encompassing, market leading strategy you would like to put on paper and then enact is very unlikely to happen. You are better off just doing something; as King Lear correctly observed, ‘nothing will come of nothing’.

I’m not suggesting chaos and anarchy; don’t just draft in an intern and call them marketing manager. There does need to be some strategy. Provided your actions are well founded they can grow and develop as you add new components to your marketing plan. If you start an e-mail campaign now, you can make it work with your PR campaign or your SEO later.

If you don’t do anything until your ducks are in a row, Saturn is aligned with Jupiter and you’ve actually started using your gym membership, you may end up never doing anything. 

And doing nothing gets no results.

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