How to use social media for trade shows

Social media trade shows
You'll have the whole world in your hands
For many companies, social media engagement is part of their ongoing marketing campaign. For most organisations, it is an obligatory check point which must be visited at least a few times a month - and so it should be. However, we at Stone Junction believe that social media can act as an extra pair of hands on your stand at a local or industrial trade show. 

By Oana Baetica

If you're preparing for this year's Drives & Controls show or even our very own We Mean Business in Stafford, it's worth looking at what social media engagement can offer you.

At Stone Junction you can hire one of our digital experts out for the day to join you at a trade show of your choosing. We like the European ones best - Richard is partial to some Weissbier and a pretzel, but I personally wouldn't mind an oatcake if you're doing a Staffordshire event!

During the day, you can expect our lovely PR person to be on your stand and do some ferocious Tweeting, engaging with show exhibitors, visitors and media. This way, you’ll gain genuine Twitter followers and increase footfall on your stand.

We would also make sure that we post regularly on your Facebook account and ask people to have a look at your company page and spare a well deserved “Like”.

Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn would also be high on our priority list for social media. Your digital expert will update LinkedIn in a formal and professional way with impressions from the show.

In addition, this package also includes live blogging from the event! The PR expert on site will draft a blog post about a topical issue central to the trade show in question. The post would then be shared on all social media platforms encouraging show goers to subscribe to your company blog for more insightful information like this.

Hiring a PR person out for the day will also guarantee unlimited media relations. We will scout the show floor for journalists and make sure we get you a quick meeting with them. In the past, while working at a client's stand for InfoSec 2013, I managed to arrange a great speaking opportunity and interview for the company’s managing director. Here's what they had to say about the event and our social media package:

"We attended Infosec 2013, as an exhibitor for the first time. Oana arrived to support us on the first day, arranging interviews between our CEO and various journalists. She also created a Hedgehog Twitter presence throughout InfoSec, allowing us to be “live” online, and to announce online our CEO’s presentation at the show, while we got on with meeting prospects and doing business. For a company of eight people, we were punching above our weight, thanks in no small part to Stone Junction.  They simply felt like part of the Hedgehog team during the event." - Rob Weil, operations manager at Hedgehog Security.

All this can be achieved during a single day, but we can also tailor similar packages for your company. If you're interested in hiring a digital expert with all the media trimmings at a very affordable price, just give us a ring!

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