What is Silent Sunday?

Silent Sunday for technical PR
Shhh! It's Sunday. Maybe. 
Some of you may have seen on Twitter and Instagram that every week, people post updates under the mysterious hashtag #silentsunday. But what does it mean and where did it come from? Oana Baetica, your digital investigator is on the case!

By Oana Baetica

The term 'silent Sunday' was first used by Jay Mountford, a dynamic and creative wedding photographer from the Midlands. She felt that words clutter pictures, so she decided that every Sunday she would post a creative, fun or interesting image without any words to accompany it.

Since 2009, the trend was taken up by bloggers across the UK with very some interesting results. Silent Sunday owes its popularity to the concept’s simplicity. The pictures posted might sum up your week or just make you smile, there are no set rules!

And if the cliché is right and a picture is worth 1000 words, then Silent Sunday is the best way of getting your message across. The only two rules are that the picture has to belong to the person posting it, and should be interesting and relevant enough without a caption.

So far, the hashtag has seen a great uptake from lifestyle, food, parenting and crafts bloggers. But that doesn't mean businesses can't use it. We expect this trend to catch on and become increasingly popular with organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Here at Stone Junction, we'll be including Silent Sunday in our regular blog post schedule for 2014. Zafar Jamati, our photography aficionado will delight - I'm sure - with his amazing snaps!

PS: If you’re interested in mastering social media and getting some creative shots of your products, please call us on 01785 225 416 or just e-mail Zaf at zafar@stonejunction.co.uk. You could also follow him on Twitter @Stonejunctionz for some amazing imagery!

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