Top three alternatives to SurveyMonkey

Alternatives to Survey Monkey
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This week, whilst constructing a Stone Junction customer survey it struck me that, whilst SurveyMonkey is probably one of the most recognisable survey software packages out there, at the moment it’s not necessarily the best choice for every purpose and budget.

By Ashleigh McLeod

Regular users of SurveyMonkey will already know that the free version has a limit of a measly ten questions. If you require more than that then you're asked to sign up for a year, costing a minimum of £288. For the sake of a few extra questions, I thought I'd pass on that offer and scan the internet for some better alternatives.

1. Survey Gizmo
The best online survey offering I've found to date, is Survey Gizmo, which offers four different plans from free to enterprise. The free package includes unlimited questions, eight different question types and easy reporting methods using CSV spreadsheets. The site allows its users to choose from various fonts, colours and layout methods meaning that the end product of the survey is very attractive. The only negative side to the free package is that you cannot obtain more than 350 responses a month.

2. eSurveyPro
Another great survey mechanism is eSurveyPro. The site allows users with free accounts to access 14 different question types and upload logos as well as choosing one of the predefined survey styles. It is very similar to Survey Gizmo, in that the site is very easy to use and questions can be imported in a method akin to its competitor’s site. I’d be very tempted to use this as my second option.

3. Zoomerang
Besides the fact that Zoomerang sounds a lot like Boomerang, the children’s TV channel I grew up with, it’s another one of the best survey providers out there. Zoomerang results in arguably the least professional looking survey out of the bunch, but is fine if what you’re looking for is something very basic. A few positives are that Zoomerang’s branding doesn’t appear on your finalised surveys, it has really simple reporting methods and offers eleven different questions types. That being said, the creation of the survey takes a fair bit longer than the others I've mentioned.

So there it is, your survey questions answered!

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