How does Google’s unnatural link scheme affect technical PR?

One of our readers called me this morning with a really good question. He basically asked, “How does Google’s unnatural link scheme affect technical PR?”

By Richard Stone

Specifically, he wanted to know if he should still be putting embedded links, using anchor text, into articles, press releases and blog posts.

How does Google’s unnatural link scheme affect technical PR?
A blue rose - just as unnatural as
Google's link scheme
My answer was that, for now, I would continue to do so, with the following caveats:
1. You only produce good content and you only share that content with relevant sites
2. The links you include are useful to the reader on some level
3. There aren’t too many of them. One is enough normally.

My view is that the most important thing is your existing link profile and the text on the page the links are coming from. If you already have a strong editorial link profile, continuing to build that profile at the same pace would still be a positive thing.

However, you should also make sure that your social and directory link profiles are continuously maintained.

I think it’s a bit like cheating at school. If you normally got straight As, you could probably get away with cheating in an exam and still getting an A. If your typical mark is an F, you are going to be found out very easily if you quickly jump up to an A.

The other two factors that seem to have an impact can be found in the actual content of the page that is linking to you. If it very clearly says on the top that it is paid for content, chances are you will be penalised for paying for links. Also watch out for words like ‘review’ that suggest you have been given the product in exchange for the post.

Similarly, if the content is strong, pertinent, clearly not advertorial, and placed on a page that is relevant, I think you’ll still benefit from that link. But watch out, we are expecting this all to change in the next couple of years.

You can find out more about it here, on Google’s Webmaster page. And if you have any interesting questions of your own about it, just give us a call on 01785 225416.

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Boris Sedacca said...

Thanks Dude!

ChrisRand said...

I don't get that. I wonder if some people are using it to try and prove they know more than the client. If there are "bad link" penalties from Google, they'll only be for the very worst and obvious examples of link buying and manipulation. It may well be that there are an increasing number of links which Google has downgraded to worthless, but you don't need to go deleting those.