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From the fun and informative ones to the downright bizarre, in-house magazines are a breed of their own. An in-house magazine (also referred to as an organ, in-house publication, house journal, shop paper, plant paper, or employee magazine) is a  periodical published by a company for its customers or its employees. But with ever shrinking marketing budgets, should your company invest its valuable time and effort in producing one?

By Oana Baetica

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Branding is the core element for all communications campaigns and good brand image is highly valued by large and small companies. As a business you would probably invest in print advertising, copywriting, a good website, creative content, healthy social media outlets and so on.

But perhaps communicating your brand values should start at home? After all, your brand is really a lagging indicator of the way your staff behave. So improving that performance is a genuine way of delivering value straight to the bottom line.

In-house magazines allow you to strengthen your key messages and make sure all company employees stay on message.

The most beneficial aspect of an in-house publication is the fact that it improves employee engagement. It helps ensure buy-in from stakeholders and can give the reader a real sense of pride.

Employees reading the magazine would be happy to learn that their achievements are recognised.  It gives them a real sense of belonging.

Earning a new contract, winning an award or even pictures of the company's fund raising events are all interesting and engaging pieces of content for your readers.

In-house magazines can also be a useful tool to make sure the whole team is kept up to date with the business direction and industry trends. The publications can help make staff feel truly part of a team and thus involved in the decision making process.

But in-house publications don't have to only be about company employees. They can also contain relevant information for your customers, collaborators and suppliers, in whose hands the will inevitably end up.

They are also a useful marketing tool to take to new business meetings, as they allow prospective customers to get to know your business on a more personal level. People buy from people after all!

Print budgets too small, I hear you cry? Well the beauty of an in-house publication is that it doesn't have to be extensive - four to eight pages should cover all the important bits of information. You can also save money by issuing your company mag quarterly or biennially, in a simple, non-pretentious format.

In terms of content, you can easily re-purpose other marketing communications messages and tailor them to your in-house audience. Press releases announcing new business partnerships, senior appointments or genuinely interesting news such as the availability of staff training courses are all great building blocks for your publication.

So why not try your hand at finding the interesting news happening down the hallway or on the shop floor? The audience take up is guaranteed and you may even end up putting a smile on your colleagues' faces! Get in touch with Stone Junction to see how we can help write, produce and edit your in-house magazine. We even have a preferred print supplier that will knock the socks off anyone else in the country for price and quality. What's not to like?

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