2013 Christmas adverts - hit or miss?

Last week, retailers big and small released their much anticipated Christmas adverts. How exciting, right? With a little more than a month left until Christmas, it's safe to say you can never have too much holiday cheer.

By Charlie Stroe 

So let's have a look at the TV adverts which will be invading your home this season.

1. Sainsbury's pulled out all the stops this year with its Christmas in a day film. A 50 minute long production about celebrating Christmas in Britain. I'm not entirely sure why anyone would be interested in this slightly voyeuristic production that took 14 months to film. A couple of glasses of sherry and a warm blanket could change my mind though. Perhaps the most exciting thing about the advert is that it apparently features products from rival retailer, the Co-operative. Now that's what I call holiday spirit, Sainsbury's.

2. John Lewis offers viewers a Disney winter holiday story, where bears and rabbits hang out as mates and have spending money. Now, I'm not being a Grinch - OK, maybe a little - but I come from a town where bears roam the streets and, trust me, they are not as friendly as JL would have you believe. They eat bunnies. They eat most of the critters around that Christmas tree. Especially if they've just been woken up from hibernation. So maybe this advert is wasted on me...

3. In its two minuted advert, Marks & Spencer aims to entice shoppers with repetitive scenes of Victoria Secret model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in her underwear. If nothing else, the soundtrack is definitely worth a closer listen. Thank you, Guy Farley for this very Tim Burton track. Still not enough to convince me to buy a 199 pound onesie, though.

4. Asda's advert is a winter one, at most. Three sad looking snowmen, "subtly" representing competitor supermarkets, next to an Asda snowman on steroids. OK, Asda, we get it, you're the cheapest supermarket. A little creativity wouldn't kill you.

5. Finally, Morrison's advert has to be my least favourite. Apart from ruining my all-time favourite Disney song, it makes me want to bang my head against a wall repeatedly. "Go on, it's Christmas". Thanks, Ant and Dec, but I think I'll pass on diabetes this year.

ALDI's advert is a bit conservative, despite ending with a depressed Santa. That's something nobody wants to see. Boots decided to go with a strange stalker teenager, but it doesn't stop the advert from securing a brilliant 80s soundtrack in the form of Bronski Beat's Smalltown boy. You can't go wrong with 80s music, in my opinion.

I'm no Grinch, I like Christmas. I might even enjoy watching some of these adverts on Christmas day. But not two months in advance, every day, 50 times a day.

The estimation is that the UK's major retailers have spent around £390 million on advertising this Christmas. All of this to infuse some holiday cheer into the masses, so we'd better not disappoint.

Which of this year's Christmas adverts works for you? Which one would make you choose that retailer over others, and why do you think that is? Drop us a line, we'd love to hear from you.

Quick update: Despite my harsh critique, it seems the John Lewis advert is a hit among shoppers. For the first time in 2013, the retailer's weekly sales surpassed £100m. Blame it on the bear and hare.

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