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This man's case has very little content.
Shame on him. 
It’s almost common knowledge now, that here at Stone Junction we generate a lot of content for our clients. Something which isn't as well known is why this process, which was once called content marketing, would be better referred to its as content PR.

Whilst content marketing is still a well-known label, the term doesn't quite do it for us. In fact, most of the tactics normally considered content marketing are simply PR tactics re-labelled.

Content marketing can be easily defined as the creation and sharing of media using web platforms, such as your web site, blog and social media channels. Wikipedia, that unquestioned source of all knowledge, describes the content created as, “news, video, white papers, e-books, infographics, case studies, how-to guides, question and answer articles, photos, etc.”

I challenge you to tell me which of those elements hasn't been a part of PR for longer than the phrase content marketing has existed?

Content PR

“Content PR shapes opinion contextually,” explains Sarah Skerik of PR News Wire. “When coordinated with the brand’s marketing efforts, content PR shapes opinion generates lasting visibility and delivers measurable, top line business results.”

Of course, there is an argument that the PR and marketing disciplines are simply seguing smoothly into a single entity.

“It’s hard to argue we’re *just* PR pros or we’re *just* marketers anymore,” argues Frank Strong at Vocus “Those days – and the need for those days – are gone.  We’ve been assimilated, joined and fused together – we are hybrid professionals as Deirdre Breakenridge so aptly calls it. The future lies in the integration of all the sub-functions falling under the art and science formerly known as marketing.”

The big question though is, ‘who cares?’ Why should we concern ourselves with the label we apply to a tactic? “You say tomato, I say tomahto?”

Well, the bottom line is if we are to do these things well, then we should struggle to retake the concept in the name of PR. They are fundamentally PR related skills, not marketing skills after all.

Clearly at Stone Junction we are bias in favour of the content PR concept – we think this is where the future of the industry lies. Do you have an opinion on content PR? If so why not contact us? We’re always open for an interesting conversation.

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