How can photo sharing app Instagram benefit your business?

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Since the launch of Instagram in 2010, the social media platform has gained over 50 million users. The figure shouldn't come as a surprise because the app and recently launched website is owned by social media giant - Facebook.

What makes this app benefit business, I hear you ask? Here are five reasons why Instagram is not just your average cat photo sharing app:

1. Instagram has the same hash tagging ability as Twitter. This means that with the use of hash tags, the pictures shared become visible to 50million users across the world.

2. Long gone are the days of time consuming, individual posts; Instagram allows you to post pictures to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr and FourSquare at the touch of a button, resulting in visibility from an even larger audience.

3. Businesses are able to show a softer, more human side. Sharing a picture of your dinner may have put your professionalism at risk twenty years ago, but using Instagram today will give you the much applauded status of social media savvy.

4. Be creative! Why not host a competition or run a 30 Day Photo Challenge using hash tags. These are both brilliant ways to increase website traffic.

5. And finally, here comes the cliché… Pictures speak a thousand words. Forgive me, but it’s true. Studies show that customers are now more visually receptive than ever before.

Here at Stone Junction we run a range of different Technical PR campaigns. Our expertise in social media recently earned our client Hedgehog Security 150 extra genuine Twitter followers in the space of a week.

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Carl Croft said...

I understand that Twitter is looking at producing something similar to Instagram? Could be interesting.

Also have you checked out Vine yet? Essentially short videos played on a loop. Its fostering some creativity.