DP&A and the future of online publications

As many of you know it was announced earlier this year that HMV has gone into administration, as the company just couldn’t compete with the likes of iTunes and other brands who sell their digital products online.

Whilst it is a shame to see physical media, both CDs and magazines, slowly disappear into the distance, it is understandable why companies choose to take the digital route for their products.

Engineering design magazine, Design Products & Applications - edited by Les Hunt has taken a further step into the world of digital media. The magazine launched its first page-turning only version at the beginning of this year; the first edition was the Annual Review: Materials & Fasteners. DP&A, and its publishing house IML, are both taking the online market much more seriously than ever before.

In the trade press, digital and online versions of print publications have often been seen more as an accessory to the print magazine rather than publications in their own right.  Gaining credibility and attracting readers of the page-turning magazines isn’t easy. Despite this, I for one think that the future of trade publishing is online, and there will be a day when the physical, printed magazines will have almost disappeared in the medium term future.

There will always be a place for PR though; both in the form of content PR and traditional media relations in an online environment.

And now let’s have a look at the recent media moves:

New Electronics, a Findlay publication, has appointed Tim Fryer as deputy editor. Fryer, who has previously edited Electronic Product Design, joined the Findlay team at the beginning of the year.

In national media news, The Financial Times has appointed a new digital media reporter to replace Tim Bradshaw - Robert Cookson - as digital media reporter.

Sustainable Housing the green sister magazine to Inside Housing, has launched an iPad edition of the publication, which indicates that more and more publications are opening up to the idea of online editions for mobile devices.

Manufacturing Engineering Process Control Automation (MEPCA) has appointed James Pringle as editor to take over from Kathryn Tye.

Rapid News Communications the publisher of magazines such as Middle East Plastics and Medical Plastics News moved offices in the tail end of last year. They are now handily located for Stone Junction, just up the road in Chester.

Aqua Publishing has taken over SPN (Swimming Pool News). The co-publisher and editor of this title is now Jon Wadeson.

The former deputy editor of Defence Helicopter and Rotorhub, Tony Osborne, has been appointed London bureau chief of Aviation Week.

And finally, New Civil Engineer has appointed Tom Dines as reporter. Dines previously worked as a freelance contributor for New Civil Engineer's publisher, EMAP.

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