Getting your engineering brand on Pinterest

Until recently, I used to regard Pinterest as a social bookmarking site where random people collect and share photos of even more random things like cute puppies, expensive couture and pictures of impossible beautiful dishes. But as Pinterest is actually the third-largest social network surpassed only by Facebook and Twitter, it could be put to good use for engineering companies’ branding efforts. 

Getting your engineering brand on Pinterest
Engineering brands can benefit
 from using Pinterest
A good branding campaign should always deliver the message clearly and in doing so confirm your credibility as specialist in your field. The value in using Pinterest for engineering brands is that it enables a direct and simple communication via images.

From here on, it is user intent that makes it truly great. In other words, a nice picture of your blue widget in situ is going to raise interest from users. That interest becomes visible once you find out how many times the picture has been shared or re-pinned.

Pinterest can also help improve your brand visibility which in turn can consolidate customer fidelity. Users will influence each other and the pinners show their enthusiasm by re-pinning each other’s content.   From that activity, brands can divine lots of useful information about what their audiences like.

And, despite my original belief, Pinners tend to use the virtual pinboards for work related activities as well. Infographics, design sketches and product images are just some of the myriad of things pinned daily!

The bottom line is that Pinterest is an aspiration engine and this is what makes it so valuable to marketers. Engineering companies could easily capitalise on the re-pin referrals in order to see what their customers want and what market trends are worth pursuing.

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