The five Ws and effective communication

The five Ws of effective communication
The five Ws in action
As technical PR consultants writing good copy is something that is expected of us. Our writing skills are essential for the success of campaigns and help us build a good reputation amongst journalists.

I recently read A Five-Point Checklist for Better News Release Writing. The blog talks about the five most important things to bear in mind when writing a press release, from proof reading to search engine optimisation. These tips can be just as useful for non PR professionals in sectors such as engineering, manufacturing and IT.

My favourite piece of advice is focused on the five Ws - who, what, where, when and why. This tip describes how important it is to engage the journalist or customer within the first few minutes of reading your first paragraph. By answering the five key Ws in your first paragraph you make the reader want to know more and keep them interested and keen to read on.

The five Ws apply to any form of effective communication. From online content and advertising to telephone enquiries and face to face meetings with customers, the five Ws will help you get your message across accurately.

You can read more about the five tips here.

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