Magazine closures leave the market rattled

Reed pulls the plug on EDN, EPN and IAN - By Boris Sedacca

Technical PR Caroline Hayes
Caroline Hayes
It is with considerable despondency that I note the demise of three more publications, one of which has affected my erstwhile colleague from our days at IML - Caroline Hayes. 

According to a story posted on the website of respected media database supplier FeaturesExec last Friday, Reed Business International (RBI) France is to stop publishing EDN Europe, EPN and Industrial Automation News (IAN) to focus on its core French-language publishing businesses.

UBM Electronics has decided to take back the publishing license for EDN Europe at the end of the current three year term. The magazine will be published by European Business Press, publishers of Microwave Engineering Europe (MEE) and EETimes Europe Analog, starting with the March issue.

EPN celebrated 40 years of publishing in April 2012, but the last issue will be in March, while Industrial Automation News (IAN) ceased publication in December 2012.

Here at Stone Junction, we don’t think that the loss of these magazines is another indication of the ailing state of the UK media. In fact, EPN in particular always struck us as being on the vanguard of what you can achieve with a technical magazine.

It built strong relationships with its readers by developing blogs, improving its social media prescience and building video and interactive content into the page turning version of its magazine. All of this seemed to be reflected in a healthy quantity of advertising.

So, it seems to us that this is a strategic decision from the publisher and the fact that EDN has already been picked up by another publishing house reinforces this.

Caroline Hayes took over as editor in chief of EPN magazine in summer 2008 and oversaw the move to a digital magazine format. She sourced speakers and managed the EPN Forum at Electronica 2012 and introduced the EPN twitter account, in addition to writing online stories and stories for the magazine, and researching and generating in-house feature articles.

I for one have no doubt that Caroline and her colleagues will be snapped up by another publisher very shortly, and anyone wishing to offer Caroline any freelance or permanent work can make contact with her via her LinkedIn profile. I’m sure technical PR agencies like ourselves will be hearing from Caroline again very soon, and we at Stone Junction wish her the best of luck.

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