How to upload a PowerPoint to YouTube

PowerPoint is great. Well, it’s an almost universally accessible format for creating and reading presentations. Anyone who has ever been subject to a dull PowerPoint presentation will understand that it’s the content, and not the medium, that serves to make the experience ‘great’. 

How to turn PPT presentations to Youtube video
PPT to Youtube videos
However, one thing that is undeniably great about PowerPoint is its ability to produce something that can be uploaded to the internet, on YouTube or Vimeo, in video format, without recourse to any non-Microsoft software.

The process is fairly straightforward. All you have to do is change your PowerPoint into a WMV (Windows Media Audio/Video File) and upload it in the same way you would any other video.

I’m often asked how to do this, so I thought a quick tutorial wouldn’t go amiss:

1, Open the PowerPoint you want to upload to YouTube and click ‘save as’ and select ‘jpeg file interchange format’. That’s good old jpeg to me and you.

(Note, when you do this, you will lose any narratives, music or transitions saved in your PowerPoint. Music and narratives will have to be added in later. However, to retain your transitions, you should rebuild the PowerPoint so that each transition has a dedicated slide. This will result in a jpeg for each one, so that later, when you save the .PPT as a movie file your all important animations and transitions are carried across).

2, Save the resultant jpegs somewhere easily accessible. You don’t have to rename them because the Microsoft standard naming format of ‘Slide1, Slide2, Slide3’ and so on will be very useful for the next step.

3, Open Windows Movie Maker or Windows Live Movie Maker (both are generally speaking easily accessed via your Start menu)

4, Click on import media and select all of the jpegs that you have saved out of your PowerPoint.

5, If you are using Movie Maker, you will have to drag and drop each jpeg, in order, into the timeline of your movie. If you are using Live Movie Maker, they will appear auto saved in the correct order for you.

6, At this point you should re-create any music or narratives that you had in your original presentation. Music is a synch to add but narratives will generally have to be re-recorded, unless you originally saved them as Windows Media Audio files or can convert them across. If you have certain slides you want to dwell on longer than others, you can achieve this by copying the jpeg of the slide you want to dwell on longer and pasting it into the move project after the original. Similarly, if you want a shorter dwell, just remove some of the slides. Yes, I did say ‘dwell’ three times in this paragraph.

7, Save your movie as a WMV and upload it to YouTube in the normal way. A common novice’s mistake is to try and upload the move ‘project’ file. This won’t work - you have to save it as a WMV!

Bingo, you’ve achieved your objective. All you have to do now is tag your video appropriately and promote it to whichever audience you choose.

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