Message not medium is important for Celeb MP

Nadine Dorries, MP, has come under some severe criticism for her decision to fly to Australia and take part in reality TV show I'm a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here. Dorries has made the decision to appear while Parliament is active, albeit undergoing a week's recess during her first week on the show.

The Conservative MP has also been criticised for continuing to draw her salary while in the jungle. Rumour has it that for her appearence in the insect filled show she will also pocket a fee of around £40,000.

According to UK newspaper The Independent, Ms Dorries, 55, is reported to have said: “I've worked seven years as an MP and I've never taken a day off work in Parliamentary time. I've worked all through recess and I only had four days off this summer. Parliament is in half-term while I'm there. I've not done anything to prepare for the jungle. I worked right up until I left the UK for Australia.”

No doubt, Dorries will argue that the appearance will give her the chance to put a serious political message across.

Our view here at Stone Junction Towers is that it's the message and not the medium that counts; furthermore, Dorries hasn't yet had chance to put across her message.

However, critics have suggested that the reality TV show is a poor vehicle for politics, despite a previous appearance by former MP Lembit Opik . They also argue that the message will only be edited out by ITV execs more interested in scandal then politics.

However, there are multiple segments in IACGMOOH that give Dorries the opportunity to make her point without veto from editorial or the presenter, two headed former Biker Grove star Ant or Dec. This remains true, despite the fact that most of the show is merely a selection of edited highlights.

So, I for one will be watching Dorries' trials on the show, where the largely unheard of 'celebs', compete for food in endurance based games. This is where she will have the chance to make her voice heard and justify her decision to appear.

When Dorries has done so, it will be fair to criticise or praise her. Until then, let's not shoot the message because we don't like the medium.

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