A great info-graphic about Facebook

The following info-graphic comes from media information company Vocus. It's explains why Facebook is a valid business marketing tool, as well as a strong consumer marketing tool (that old chestnut).

I share it here for two reasons. The first is that it contains a really interesting statistic; 'for a company like Apple, a Facebook fan is worth 90% more than a regular, non-fan customer'. I don't where this stat is sourced from but I promise to investigate and if I can find out, it will become a future blog post on here. So keep reading!

My second reason for posting the info-graphic is that it's well drawn and interesting. Why bother telling you this? Well, as a blogger I've been influenced by Vocus' PR campaign and sharing their content. Would you like to have other people in industry do the same with your content? Well, get in touch with Stone Junction, that's exactly the sort of thing we are good at.

Using Facebook for B2B marketing

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