The least you will get is a free cupcake - a live blog from Let's Do Business

By Richard Stone, Stone Junction

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Let's Do Business 2012 is in full swing and Stone Junction has already picked up some good leads - which means it's my turn to update the Live Blog. 

I've spent the morning walking the hall and chatting to technology and engineering companies who are also exhibiting. I always find it incredible how many companies are involved in fantastic projects and don't realise just how newsworthy they are.

Our free cupcakes (on stand 72 if you haven't had one - Ed) are going down well and we've collected a small mountain of business cards. It's brilliant to see that there is such a vibrant business community in North Staffordshire.

We've just had a long chat with business support organisation The BIC. The provide a host of grants and support for small businesses and focus on helping companies add innovative technologies and methodologies to their offerings.

Business support
"We've never exhibited here before because its exclusively B2B and that makes it harder to reach very young businesses, who often think like consumers," explained Sandra Butterworth of The BIC. "But last year there were no other business support organisations at the event, so we felt we needed to come along. This year looks like it will prove worthwhile"

So, if you are at the event, considering coming along or are reading this afterwards and you are one of those companies who don't realise just how newsworthy they are drop in at the stand or give us a call. The least you will get is a free cupcake.

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