Why your partner’s sites might be the best place for your content

In this post I'm going to take it as read that you are already doing many of the things that you should be doing. I'm going to presume that you are producing content regularly as part of your technical PR campaign, on a blog and on your web site. I’m going to presume that the PR element is running successfully and generating coverage, that your blog is slowly building readers and that your web site is performing well in search.

Partner’s sites might be the ideal for your content
Simply put; you are building influence.

So my next question is, are you taking advantage of the web sites of the partner companies you work with that are doing exactly the same thing on their own behalf?

Let’s say you make red widgets and you have ten distributors who re-sell, distribute or integrate your red widgets. That’s ten web sites that already contain content that is extremely relevant to your product or service and that would almost certainly be happy to run something on your behalf.

A search engine will perceive this kind of content to be relevant and authoritative, which in itself is a good enough reason for doing it. However, your end users will also see greater value in your product or service if they perceive it to be promoted by your partners. You can almost create an ‘Intel inside’ feel if you generate enough references.

So, I started by presuming you are doing everything right. In which case, there’s nothing to stop you doing this right as well.  

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