How to share infographics with bloggers

By Boris Sedacca

Infographics is not a new concept but it is becoming increasingly popular for publicity purposes. Its roots can be traced back to the 1960s US Ivy League university computer science laboratories. But the concept of using graphics to convey information, which would otherwise be far too dull and verbose in narrative form, really took off with the publication of a feature on computer graphics around 1980 by Business Week in the US. 

In those days, computer monitors and printers that could generate graphics cost an arm and a leg. They were mainly the reserve of research and development (R&D) departments at large engineering multinational companies.

Business Week argued that information which could hitherto only be digested by accountants and MBA graduates could now be made more understandable to mainstream business folk in marketing, production and so on.

The die was cast and soon spreadsheet software companies added graphics capabilities to enhance the statistical number-crunching features of their products. Modern company annual report now feature all sorts of pie charts, bar graphs and even radar charts and suchlike for some of the more adventurous ones among them.

Today, infographics is used to impart information to lay people and one excellent example of how to propagate infographics has come to us from Kuka Robotics here.

Infographics is an essential weapon in today’s arsenal of rhetorical technique for individuals and organisations wishing to achieve high visual impact for the message they are trying to drive home to their audience.

Another good example of effective infographics techniques can be found here and we've also pasted a copy below, so you can see what we mean.

For the geeks among us, there is a great infographic about uber-geek Nikola Tesla here.

For technical PR agencies like ourselves, infographics is bound to become an increasingly potent tactic on behalf of clients.

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